While you may be getting good sleep at night, are you actually getting quality sleep? Your eyes are closed. Then dreams come. However, your head feels groggy the next morning. You grow irritable quickly. It was impossible to get deep sleep. This condition is common in many people. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes the body to stop breathing properly at night. This prevents complete rejuvenation. Here are five facts about this disorder.

Examine for Obstructions

Tonils and tonsils can become inflamed. Both are helpful in fighting infections but can be disruptive for some people. The glands can enlarge and block the airways making it difficult to breathe through the nose or mouth. To get the proper oxygen, the body must awaken. Exercising can cause snoring and other symptoms such as fatigue. To have an extensive exam, see an ENT. To improve air circulation, these glands can be removed.

Keep an eye on your heart

The body can’t function properly if oxygen levels drop. This can lead to a decline in thought and could also cause problems for the heart. Patients with sleep apnea should be aware of their blood pressure. The rate could rise if there is prolonged deprivation, which can increase the risk of strokes or heart attacks.

Talk to your Dentist

Your dentist might recommend oral appliance therapy. A device that looks like a retainer is fitted to patients. This piece can be worn at night to improve your sleep. Talk to your Brooklyn dentist about whether this option is right for them.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Back

If you lie down on your back, your tongue and soft palate could shift to block the airway. This can increase snoring, and interfere with your sleep. Keep your abdomen or sideways. This can be difficult. You can place a cushion or a pool noodle on your side. The body might try to roll during the evening. This could be enough to stop the movement. There are products that vibrate, which will keep you in the right place.

Exercise and lose weight

Extra weight can cause breathing problems at night. Talk to your doctor about what your ideal weight is. Together, you can create a diet plan that suits your body. It should include healthy meals and exercise. It is possible to get better sleep by exercising for at least 30 minutes each day.

To fully function the next day, both your body and mind need to sleep. Talk to specialists if you have concerns.