Transitioning out of the Swaddle


Have you ever taken Will I Ever Sleep Again. You know that newborns yearn for their womb in the first few months after they are born. Swaddling provides the comfort of being snugly wrapped while they sleep. Swaddling is not a good idea. Let’s discuss how to transition out of the swaddle.

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What is the best time to stop swaddling my baby?

There is no universal age at which a baby should be allowed to get out of a swaddle. Instead, you will want to stop swaddling your baby when it is developmentalally appropriate. If your baby is starting to roll from the back to his stomach, you should stop swaddling him.

This happens for most babies between 3-5 months. Safety is the reason you should stop swaddling your baby at this stage. When a baby is able to flip on his stomach, he will need his hands free for pushing up from the mattress.

Remember that every baby is unique. For some babies, the transition can be difficult. Keep this in mind: Don’t rush to get out of the swaddle if your baby doesn’t seem to be rolling over.

I recommend that you transition from the swaddle to a sleep bag. Here are four ways to make this transition easier:

1) Cold Turkey

Simply transfer her to a sleeping bag with no arms. This blog has more information about sleep sacks.

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2) Sweat With One Arm Out

This is great when you have a swaddle such as The Ollie Swaddle, or The Nested Beanzen Swaddle. You can still snuggle like you did before, but one arm is left out. Your baby will adjust slowly by swaddling in this way. However, she will be safe if she rolls on her stomach. This should be done for between 1-4 weeks. Once your baby is comfortable with using one arm, let the other go and then transition to a sleeping bag. Your baby will decide the timing.

3) Partial Night.

The “partial-night” option is best if your baby is still not rolling. You can use one of the suggestions above with this technique. Once he wakes up, wrap him in a swaddle and place his arms inside. Try to get a little longer each night without arms. Avoiding a baby from getting out of the swaddle early on can lead to major sleep disturbances. Once your baby can sleep through the night without having to hold their arms open, you can transition to a sleep bag.

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4) Use a transitional item as a aid to this transition.

Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit is a great transitional item. The 3-layered suit offers comfort for babies by muffled twitches and startle movement that could wake them up prematurely. Use the code CARA15 to save 15% You can also choose a product such as this Swaddle Sleeves Sack. The sleeves reduce the baby’s startle reflex and allow the baby to move freely. Use the code CARA10 to save 10%

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Are you struggling with a baby who is older than five months?

If your baby is over 5 months old and has trouble sleeping, there’s a class for you. ABCs of Sleep is an online class that helps babies to have a 10-12 hour sleep consolidated night, stop night feedings and take restful naps.