How Is “Cooking Crack” Made?


What is Cooking Crack Cocaine?

The modified form of cocaine hydrochloride (or crack cocaine) is called cooking crack cocaine. Crack looks like small, white, crystalline rocks. The anesthetic effects of crack will cause a numbing sensation if you hold one of these crack stones to your tongue.

Crack, unlike powder cocaine does not dissolve in alcohol or water and can be smoked, rather than inhaled or injected. Crack smoking delivers a large dose of the drug to the brain in a matter of seconds.

Schedule II controlled substances are any form of cocaine. The United States was the first country to legalize crack in the mid-1980s. It quickly spread, especially in urban areas.

How to Cooking Crack?

The process of cooking crack cocaine involves modifying powdered cocaine in order to extract the base cocaine. This alters the drug’s physical properties.

It All Starts with Cocaine

The coca leaves are used to make cocaine. They are grown in South America, most notably in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

Drug dealers may alter cocaine into crack cocaine before or after it is smuggled over international borders. Some consumers also choose to make small quantities of cocaine powder at home.

Modifying Cocaine to Make Cooking Crack

It is easy to make cooking crack cocaine from baking powder. Mix the drug with water and sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda), and boil until it forms a solid substance. The mixture is then removed from the heat.

After the freebase cocaine has dried, it can be broken up into rocks and used or sold.

  • Cooking crack Cocaine vs. Powdered Cocaine
  • To make cocaine, it is converted to crack cocaine.

Because less cocaine is inhaled at once and the drug enters the bloodstream more slowly, the effects of cocaine are usually slower and milder.

The effects of smoking crack cocaine are shorter-lasting, but more intense and last for a longer time. This rush or euphoria is what drives addiction to cooking crack cocaine and its repeated use.

Why can’t Cocaine be Smoked?

Cocaine powder is water-soluble, so it is easy to inhale the powder and absorb it through the blood vessels. Cocaine powder has a high melting point of 197 degrees Celsius, so it is not recommended for smoking.

You’ll end up smoking cocaine powder in its natural form. Crack cocaine can also melt at 98 degrees Celsius with a boiling point temperature of 188 degrees Celsius. This allows it to be vaporized easily using paraphernalia such as a small lighter or small pipe.