Mabinogi Cooking: Guide


Cooking is a skill that can be used for leisure. It gives you a few stats but you can make some money by mabinogi cooking! It would be nice to see it noted in the skill training section that you are using Cooking talent without any boosts, such as Double Rainbow or experience potions purchased from the cash shop.

Use the Mabinogi Cooking Skill

Cooking is the most basic of all the life skills. It is almost impossible to fail if you have a ruler. However, I will show you how to get the best results for those who don’t like all the add-ons. After learning the mabinogi cooking skill, you will receive three empty boxes. Depending on what dish you are creating (see Mabinogi Wiki to see a list), you will need to fill each box with a specific ingredient. You will need to check the Wiki for the exact ratios and then add the values. To accommodate this, you can only add ingredients slowly to low levels of dexterity.


Food; higher ranks can earn items from Glutton monkeys. High-quality food, usually 4 or 5 stars, can be sold to players to boost their buffs.

  • Mabinogi cooking skills give some intelligence and dexterity for a small amount in ability power.
  • Mabinogi cooking does not increase combat power like other skills. This means that you can rank it whenever you want, even before windmill.
  • You may need to purchase expensive ores for certain life skills, such as refine. However, cooking is relatively inexpensive and only a few ingredients can be very costly.
  • It can be costly to purchase the tools, and it can be difficult for both beginners and more experienced players to get into the secret shops.
  • The skill requires you to buy tokens or complete the kitchen dungeons at higher ranks. This can be difficult depending on your level. These dungeons can be completed once, but you’ll need to complete them again.
  • It can be difficult to measure ingredients if you don’t have a ruler or are very dexterous, especially if they require 48%, which is not a large number.
  • It can be tedious to collect flour bags when making noodles, which is why a windmill is necessary.

Different Types of Mabinogi Cooking

Nexon America currently offers 5 types of mabinogi cooking; the following are their details with any equipment required.

  1. Mixing needs a cook table and a knife.
  2. Baking needs a pot and ladle, as well as a campfire or mabinogi cooking oven.
  3. A mabinogi cooking pot and ladle are required for simmering, as well as a campfire or cooking oven.
  4. Kneading involves a rolling pin, a cooking table, and a rolling pin.
  5. Boiling needs a pot and a ladle.