Prepare for your baby: Timelines, to-dos and checklists


It can be daunting to prepare for your baby’s arrival, especially if this is your first time.

To some degree, however, overwhelm is not unwarranted.

It is a daunting task. The good news is that you are planning ahead and thinking about how to prepare for your baby.


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How to prepare for your baby’s arrival

Many expecting parents fall into either one of these two camps: they either jump in to start planning as soon as they become pregnant (find an agency, arrange a surrogate etc.). Either they decide that 9 months is too long and delay making preparations for their future self. Preparing for a baby is best done in the middle, as with all things.

After the first trimester

Tell people that you are having a baby. Most couples tell their partner or partner the big news in the first trimester. This is when the risk of pregnancy is lower and it will be easier to let people know.

Research daycare. There are waiting lists for daycares that can be months or even years long. Even if your baby is not yet in daycare, it might be a good idea to research other options. You may not be ready for daycare, but there may not be one.

Research what you want to buy. Before the baby is born, there are some essential gear that you will need. We have a section below on this topic.

At the beginning of the third trimester

Locate a pediatrician. Before the baby is born, you will need to find a pediatrician. To make sure that you are comfortable with the person, interview them.

Decide on your hospital and birth plan. It is important to have a plan and know where you will deliver. Many hospitals offer tours. These are great for delivering at your own pace, and to see the area from a different perspective. It is important to make sure the hospital accepts your insurance. Many times, you can also fill out paperwork in advance so that you don’t have it to do while your partner is giving birth.

3+ weeks after due date

Make sure you have your hospital bag. Some essentials will be needed. These essentials will be necessary for you to have ready access, such as a secret agent bag.

Make a plan. What do you plan to do with your dog? How do you get to the hospital?

Consider freezing some meals. When you have a new baby, time is not your friend. Energy for cooking is not your friend. It can save you a lot of time by having a few weeks worth of meals stored in the freezer.

A checklist of things to do before your baby arrives – a list for parents who are expecting a baby.

Let’s get into the main part of your baby preparation assignment–things you need to do before the baby arrives. This will be broken down into several key categories: paperwork and insurance & administrative; discussions with your partner; and preparing your nursery and house.

Paperwork for baby preparation, insurance, and other administrative stuff

Before your baby arrives, there are some important administrative tasks you will need to complete.

Health Insurance

To learn more about adding a child to your insurance plan, you should consult your provider. It’s a good idea for you to consult both your spouse and employer if you have health insurance. The costs of moving from Employee to Employee + Spouse or Employee to Employee + Family can differ greatly between plans.

Life insurance

Although your employer may offer some type of life insurance, it is not common for them to provide the exact amount you would like in an ideal world. When you are preparing for your baby’s arrival, it is a good time to consider life insurance. It can be much more affordable than you might think. A term policy can provide coverage up to several hundred thousand dollars for as little as a hundred dollars per year. This can be time-consuming and may require a drug screening and a health screening. Plan ahead to ensure that you have all the necessary documents in place before your baby arrives.

A will for you, your partner

Although you may not have thought about a will before, now is the right time. Even the best of families, custody issues can become stressful in the event that one parent dies. You want to make sure your little one is well taken care of. LegalZoom can help you quickly and easily create a will that is both practical and affordable. Both you and your partner should have one, and that the language used in each is compatible with the other.

Employer benefits

It is also important to learn about your employer’s child benefits. Employers are required to offer maternity leave for all full-time employees. More employers are also adding paternity leaves. There are many other options, beyond the obvious. These include flexible spending accounts for medical expenses as well as college savings accounts. You might be surprised at what is available.

All other

You’re covered if you have health and life insurance, as well as employer benefits. The paperwork to obtain a social security card and a birth certificate will be initiated by the American hospital where you are delivered. For daycare, you will need to get immunization records from a pediatrician.