The DockATot and How to Wean Out


The DockATot…

This name is mentioned so often that I get a variety of comments from parents. They range from:

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“This is the best baby product since baby wipes were invented.”


“I wish that I hadn’t bought this thing.” He can’t go to sleep without it.

Let’s face the facts, if your baby isn’t sleeping, you’re willing to do anything to make them sleep. However, safety is paramount when we think rationally. So let’s get started and learn how to safely use this product.

Let’s start with what DockATot is.

You’ve likely seen it if you’re a new mom on Instagram.

DockATot claims that it is a multi-functional dock that can be used for lounging, sleeping, playing, chilling or resting anywhere.

It is why it has become so popular.

I believe the DockATot is gaining popularity because it gives newborns that womb-like, cozy feeling in their first months. It’s portable and easy to move from one room to the next, which is why parents love it.

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It is suitable for baby sleep.

No! No! She says that many DockATots are used for supervised lounging or chilling out, and even playtime.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission states that only products labelled with the words “crib,” ‘bassinet,” or ‘play yard” are safe for baby sleep. Safe baby sleep is not available for any product that is labeled as a sleeper, infant seat, lounger, napper, infant chair, or napper. The DockATot cannot be used to sleep. recommends that your baby be “Placed inside a bare crib.” This means the baby must be in a crib without any pillows, bumper pads, or positioning devices. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission also agrees that “bare is best” in a crib or bassinet. The baby must be in the crib or bassinet.

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Let’s pretend that you actually use the DockATot to sleep.

You are not a bad parent. You are not failing. Taking Cara Babies believes that parents should be supported, not shamed. Let me help you to educate yourself and use safe sleeping practices.

First, parents who attend the newborn sleep class “William I Ever Sleep Again?” often have babies that are sleeping 6-12 hours per night by 6-12 weeks. This class teaches parents how to recreate a womb-like experience with safe sleep guidelines.

DockATot warns that babies should not be placed on surfaces from which they could fall. couch, bed, ottoman, etc). This is particularly important as the DockATot’s bottom clip is designed to release with 4.5 pounds of pressure to prevent the baby getting too tight inside. Please keep your mattress flat on the ground.

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How can we wean a DockATot baby?

You can find my blog at Weaning Out of Sleep Products.

Help is available if the DockATot has disrupted your little sleeper. My classes are designed to meet your baby where he/she is at developmental stages. They will help you have safe, restful nights.